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Turn your video clip into an animated GIF in Premiere

If you were wondering how in the world do they make those animated gifs wonder no more and follow this short and simple Adobe Premiere tutorial.

  Author: mat | Version: CS5 | 24th December 2011 |  

Import a clip you want to turn into an animated GIF.

Click here for the first steps in Adobe Premiere if you're not sure what we are doig here.


If you don't want to convert your whole clip into an animated GIF, just cut out the piece of the clip.

Animated GIF that are longer then 5 seconds can take quite a lot of space on a web server and take a while to load completely.

Click here for the lesson on how to cut video clips into smaller pieces.


If you cut out a smaller piece  of your video clip, move it to the start of the timeline using Selection Tool and delete the rest (see picture).


In the menu click File, Export and choose Media...(Ctrl+M for a keyboard shortcut).

In the new settings window choose Animated GIF as Format.


Click the Output tab.


Click the Video tab on the right and set the Quality to about 70.

Bigger the quality, larger the GIF file.


Set the Frame Rate to 10 and Field Type to Progressive.


If you notice the black borders on your Output video ...

Like in my case, where there are horizontal borders at the top and bottom of my video.


... just reduce the Height a bit until they disappear.

I had to reduce mine to 213. If you see vertical borders on your video, just reduce the Width.


Like that.


All you have to do now is click Export.


Search for your exported animated GIF file and open it in your web browser.

Click here to check out my animated GIF clip.

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