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Self-healing electronics

A team of University of Illinois has developed a self-healing electronic system that can restore a cracked circuit automatically and super fast.

  Author: mat | Source: news.illinois.edu | 22nd December 2011  

If one micro circuit in a chip cracks, the whole chip would most probably fail to function and could more then possibly lead to a whole device malfunction , would it be awesome if there was some kind of a self-healing system that could repair that crack without the user even noticing it?

The researchers,  led by aerospace engineering professor Scott White and materials science and engineering professor Nancy Sottos, published their results that suggest that very self-healing electronics proccess in the journal Advanced Materials.

Microcapsules full of liquid metal sit atop a gold circuit. When the circuit is broken, the microcapsules rupture, filling in the crack and restoring the circuit.

Image by Scott White

The possibilities are immense, it could make the air and spacecrafts safer, medical equipment even more reliable and home electronics more durable, let's hope the self-healing electronic system finds it's way in "the real" world as soon as possible.


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