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Task Manager basics

If your computer is working slower then usual, you can see what applications and processes you're running.

  Author: mat | Version: | 13th August 2011 |  

Right click the Taskbar and then click Start Task Manager.


Task Manager windows should now open.

Under the tab Applications you can see the Applications/Programs you are running at the moment.

In my case Photoshop, Mozilla Firefox and the Task Manager it selfe.


At the bottom you can see your Processor (CPU) usage and your Physical Memory (RAM) usage.

In my case the CPU usage is very low 0% and the Physical Memory 42%. Windows 7 take by default a big chunk of your RAM for its functions.


I've opened some more programs to see what will happen.

One more Mozilla Firefox Windows, IE, and Adobe Fireworks application.


CPU usage has now risen to 26% and RAM to 57%.


Click the Process tab.

Here you can see all the processes running on your computer. Processes are started by computer and the applications are started by  the user.

Here you can see which processes are using your CPU and Memory and how many of both resources are they using. In my case the plugin-container (a process started by Mozilla Firefox) is using the most of my CPU and Memory.

You can sort the entries by Image Name, Username, CPU, Memory by clicking on them.


Click the Performance tab.

Here you can see the Graphical view of your CPU and Memory usage.

The number of CPU Usage History boxes depends on how many cores does your computer have. If you own a double core computer as Intel Core2Duo and similar, you will see 2 boxes. In my case there are for as my computer has 4 cores.


Now go back to the Application tab.

You can easily "kill" the application by right clicking the application and then End Task.


I "killed" the Internet Explorer as you can see it's no longer there.

This comes really handy when an application freezes, you get those "Not responding" statuses and there's no way to close it. Just use the End Task function in Task Manager and it's gone.


If you click Services you get all the services running on your computer.

There's quite a lot of them and you can read the Description to find out what kind of a processes are they.

You can stop or start the services by right clicking them and then clicking start or stop.

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