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Language is based on alphabet. You will learn how to write and pronounce all the letters of Spanish alphabet.

  Author: NikMan | Category: Spanish language | 11th November 2011  

A, B, C, CH

Writing: a, b, c, ch

D, E, F

Writing: d, e, f

G, H, I

Writing: g, h, i

J, K, L, LL

Writing: j, k, l, ll

M, N, Ñ, O

Writing: m, n, ñ, o

P, Q, R

Writing: p, q, r

S, T, U

Writing: s, t, u

V, W

Writing: v, w, z

X, Y, Z

Writing: x, y, z
Park Güell
A garden complex on the hill of El Carmel in district of Barcelona. Designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí known for his organic multicolored architecture and built in the years 1900 to 1914.
Getting to know each other
First steps
Time and date
Calendar and seasons
Food and drinks
Ordering food and drinks
Traveling information
Calendar and seasons

  Traveling information
Spanish language | Rating: 3.1
Ever went to a country where  people you tried to interact with did not speak any other language but their own?
  Calendar and seasons
Spanish language | Rating: 3
Four seasons and twelve months in a year. Want to learn how to pronounce them in Spanish language?
  Ordering food and drinks
Spanish language | Rating: 2.9
To avoid misunderstandings in restaurants and bars, let's learn a few basic food and drink ordering phrases in Spanish.
  Getting to know each other
Spanish language | Rating: 3.5
You will introduce yourself, ask for ones name and where they come from and the ever so popular I love you, all this in Spanish.
Spanish language | Rating: 3
Numbers are basically universal but pronunciation and writing are different in pretty much all languages and and Portuguese is no exception.
  Time and date
Spanish language | Rating: 3.1
Time is money or so they say. But what is certain, it's always good to be able to tell time in a chosen language.
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