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First steps

Basic words to get familiar with Russian language for the very first time. You will learn how to say hello, goodbye and similar.

  Author: NikMan | Category: Russian language | 7th June 2012  


Writing: Да


Writing: Нет

Thank you

Writing: Спасибо


Writing: Пожалуйста


Writing: Привет

Good day

Writing: Добрый день

Good morning

Writing: Доброе утро

Good evening

Writing: Добрый вечер

Good night

Writing: Спокойной ночи


Writing: До свидания


Writing: Пока


Writing: Что?


Writing: Кто?


Writing: Когда?


Writing: Где?


Writing: Почему?


Writing: Извините
Moscow is the capital of Russia. It is the most north of Earth's biggest cities, biggest city in Europe and 6th biggest city in the world. Moscow has a population of about 11,503,000 and has according to Forbes, the largest number of billionaire compared to any other city in the world.
Getting to know each other
First steps
Time and date
Calendar and seasons
Food and drink
Ordering food and drinks
Traveling information

  First steps
Russian language | Rating: 3.7
Basic words to get familiar with Russian language for the very first time. You will learn how to say hello, goodbye and similar.
Russian language | Rating: 3.5
Language is based on alphabet. You will learn how to write and pronounce all the letters of Russian alphabet.
  Getting to know each other
Russian language | Rating: 3.4
You will introduce yourself, ask for ones name and where they come from and the ever so popular I love you, all this in Russian language.
  Traveling information
Russian language | Rating: 3.3
Ever went to a country where  people you tried to interact with did not speak any other language but their own, Russian in this case?
Russian language | Rating: 3.1
Family is THE most important thing in the world. Let's learn how to say mom, dad, granny and much more in Russian language.
  Calendar and seasons
Russian language | Rating: 3
Four seasons and twelve months in a year. Want to learn how to pronounce them in Russian language?
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