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Language is based on alphabet. You will learn how to write and pronounce all the letters of Russian alphabet.

  Author: NikMan | Category: Russian language | 22nd May 2012  

A, B, V

Writing: A, Б, В (а, б, в)

G, D, JE

Writing: Г, Д, E (г, д, е)

JO, Zh, Z

Writing: Ё, Ж, З (ё, ж, з)

I, I (short), K

Writing: И, Й, К (и, й, к)

L, M, N

Writing: Л, М, Н (л, м, н)

O, P, R

Writing: О, П, Р (о, п, р)

S, T, U

Writing: С, T, У (с, т, у)

F, H, C

Writing: Ф, Х, Ц (ф, х, ц)

Ch, Sh, Sh (soft)

Writing: Ч, Ш, Щ (ч, ш, щ)

hard letter, I (hard), soft letter

Writing: Ъ, Ы, Ь (ъ, ы, ь)


Writing: Э, Ю, Я (э, ю, я)
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