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Getting to know each other

You will introduce yourself, ask for ones name and where they come from and the ever so popular I love you, all this in Russian language.

  Author: NikMan | Category: Russian language | 18th August 2012  

What's your name?

Writing: Как тебя зовут?

I am Boyan

Writing: Меня зовут Боян

You are Matyaz

Writing: Ты - Матяж

I'm pleased

Writing: Очень приятно

Where do you come from?

Writing: Ты откуда?

I come from Slowenia.

Writing: Я из Словении

Where are you going?

Writing: Куда ты идёшь?

I'm going to a movie.

Writing: Я иду в кинo

How old are you?

Writing: Сколько тебе лет?

I'm 24 years old.

Writing: Мне 24 года

How old is Ann?

Writing: Сколько лет Анне?

Ann is 22 years old.

Writing: Анне 22 года

Lepo se imej

Writing: Удачи

Kako si?

Writing: Как дела?

Jaz sem dobro

Writing: Хорошо


Writing: Здравствуйте

Rad te imam

Writing: Я люблю тебя
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