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Adding new User accounts

In case someone else will be using your computer and you don't what them to have access to your files and documents, just add a new user.

  Author: mat | Version: Windows 7 | 2nd August 2011 |  

Click Start and Control Panel.


Click Add or remove user accounts.

View by: Category is set.


Click Create a new account.


Enter the name of the person who will be using your computer, choose Standard user.

Standard user can only change own settings and doesn't have access to documents and files of other users.

Administrator can change the settings that affect all the users and has access to the whole computer.


Click Create Account.


Account has been created.

Double click the account you just created.


Now let's change the default picture of the account.

Click Change the picture.


You can choose from many inbuilt pictures or you can add your own by clicking Browse for more pictures...


Choose the picture on your computer or device and click Open.


The picture is changed ;)


Now let's set a password for this person.


Type the password twice, enter a hint that will help you recover the password in case you or the account user forgets it and click Create password.


You can always delete the user account by clicking Delete the account.


On the next Windows log the person who uses the computer just clicks on their account, types the password in and can start using the computer.

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