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Publish your Outlook Calendar to the Web

You can publish your Outlook 2010 calendar to the Internet and then share it among your chosen people.

  Author: mat | Version: 2010 | 3rd November 2011 |  

In your Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 click Home in the menu.

You will need your Microsoft Live ID account to make this work.


Click Calendar at the bottom left.


You're now in your regular calendar.

Let's publish it.


Click Publish Online button and choose Publish to Office.com...

At this point you might be asked to connect your Outlook to the Microsoft Live ID server, just follow the instructions and enter your Live ID user name and password.


Now choose the settings four your shared calendar.

How far in the past and how far in the future should the dates in the calendar be available. What kind of data should be available for the people you're sharing your calendar with; only whether you're available on a certain date, then choose Availability only. If you trust the people you'll be sharing your calendar with then you might choose the Full details option and so on.

I've chosen Availability only and Only invited users can subscribe to this calendar.


Now enter you Live ID username and password and click OK.

If your Live ID user name is something.something@hotmail.com then put it in the user name field and enter the password.


You hopefully got a message saying your calendar was published successfully and asking if you want to send a sharing invitation to the people you want to share your calendar with.

You can do that now or later, no problem.


If you chose Yes then enter e-mails of the people you want to share the calendar with and click Send.


This is how an invitation e-mail looks like. All the other party has to do is click the provided link and enter their Live ID account data.

The people you're sharing your calendar with need a Live ID account and Outlook 2007 or 2010.


If we now return to our Outlook and again click the Publish Online button we can see we have some new options available. They're all pretty much self explanatory.

You can change your publishing options, invite people to your calendar or remove them or change the viewing permissions.


To remove your calendar from the Web, meaning you don't want it to be publicly available anymore:

Click the Publish Online button, choose Remove from Server ...


... and click OK.

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