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How to mark all emails as read in Gmail

If there is a vast number of unimportant unread emails accumulating your Gmail inbox and it's starting to bother you, but you don't have time or nerves to mark them as read page by page, this is what you can do.

  Author: mat | Version: | 5th April 2014 |  

If you have the Inbox tabs enabled, disable them first. This way you're going to include all the unread emails you may have under Social, Promotion and other tabs.


Click the square button on the left, above your emails (see picture) ...


... and choose All.


But as you don't want to select only the 50 emails displayed on a current page, click the Select all ... conversations in Inbox link (see picture).


All you have to do now is click the More button and choose Mark as read.


Confirm it by clicking OK, and your Gmail should be clean as a whistle again.

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