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Skydiver gets almost hit by meteorite

Believe it or not, this is a true story and it was the first time something like that was caught on tape. You really need to see this to believe it.

  Author: mat | Source: nrk.no | 3rd April 2014  

This one in a million (billion?) event took place in Norway as Anders Helstrup and a bunch of other sky divers jumped from a plane took off from the airport in Hedmark. Helstrup was wearing a wing suit and two cameras attached to his helmet. As they were charging toward the Earth something odd has happened, or how the lucky fellow described the occasion, “I got the feeling that there was something, but I didn’t register what was happening.”

As they reviewed the recordings, it really was something similar to a large stone flying past him. The meteorite community got involved at they confirmed that this without a doubt indeed was a meteorite, falling straight down at about 300 kilometers per hour (186 mph). The meteorite was in a so called "dark flight" stage, meaning it lost it's trail of light and was no longer flying at an angle.

This really was a sensational  coincidence, in fact never before has a meteorite been caught on tape in its dark flight stage. Watch it happen in the video bellow, the amazing event can be visible at about 00:27 seconds.


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NikMan, 3rd Apr 2014, 11:03 PM
OK, this is insanely rare situation to die. And I wonder if they would find the reason ...
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terhara, 17th Oct 2023, 9:55 AM
oh my god

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