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How to copy text from a web page and paste it into a email on iPhone or iPad

You can easily copy any text on a website and then paste it to anywhere you like on your iPhone or iPad iOS powered device. I will show you on a website to email example.

  Author: mat | Version: 7.1 | 14th March 2014 |  

Let's say you are on a Dreevoo recipe page like this one:

And you don't want to share the whole recipe page but only the ingredients.


In this case I will zoom in on the text by using two fingers (pinch zoom).

Now tap and hold your finger at the beginning of the content you want to copy ...

First ingredient in my case.


... until a blue selection shows up with the Copy option. Now tap and hold the selection point ...


... and drag it to select the rest of the text.

All the ingredients in my case.

Tap Copy.


Selection is now in phones clipboard (temporary memory).

Now open your email client ...

Gmail in my case.


... tap and hold in the text input area until Paste shows up and tap it.


And here are my recipe ingredients.

You can copy/paste basically any content in your iOS device. Not only webpages and emails.

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