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How to disable game's notifications on iPhone or iPad

If you are like me, annoyed by all those notifications games and other apps are sending to your iOS powered device then let me show you how to disable them.

  Author: mat | Version: 7.05 | 8th February 2014 |  

Here's one of the notifications I'm talking about. There are also others on the lock screen and notifications center.

I'm going to disable the notifications Angry Birds game is sending.


Tap Settings.


Tap Notification Center.


Here are all the installed apps on your iOS device, now simply choose the one you want to change the way notifications are being displayed.

Angry Birds in my case.


I'm going to turn off all the notifications.

Tap None ...


... and disable all the options bellow if you want to turn the notifications completely off.


And all the notifications are gone, and from now on Angry Birds won't be sending them any more.

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