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How to save a layer protected image you cannot save

Some websites overlay their photos and images with another blank image. But there's an easy way to download those pictures if you are using Google Chrome browser.

  Author: mat | Version: 32.0.1700.102 m | 6th February 2014 |  

So you want to save an image from the website but when you save it or try to have a look at it first ...


... it turns out to be empty.

These are so called image overlays. It's basically a transparent image on top of the image you see on the site.

Ok let's try to save it anyway ...


Right-click the image and choose Inspect element.


In the new window pane bellow, you can now see the HTML source code belonging to the page you are currently on.

You should now notice a highlighted line containing the image overlay you right-clicked. Run your mouse over it.

You should now see something similar to what I see. It is some other image and not the one displayed on the page.


Now click the line next to the one you were just one. The one containing the link to the actual image. If the image does not appear ...


... go to the right window pane and point or click link to the image there (see picture).

Yap, it's the image I was looking for.


Now simply right-click the link and choose Open link in new tab.


All there's no left to do is to right-click the image in the new tab, choose Save image as...


... and save it to your computer.

I don't want to encourage you to download protected images from websites, protections are usually there for a reason.

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