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What do you know about North Pole?

The North Pole or the Geographic North Pole, is defined as the point in the Northern Hemisphere where the Earth's axis of rotation meets its surface.

  Author: Pena | 26th January 2014 |  

How is North Pole also known?



What geodetic latitude defines North Pole?



In which Ocean is North Pole located?



How deep is the sea at the North Pole?



What is the nearest permanently inhabited place to the North Pole?



Who is disputedly known as the first man who reached geographical North Pole?



Who established first North Pole ice station in 1937?



What expedition of 24 scientists was first who undisputedly reached the North Pole in 1948?



The sun at the North Pole is continuously above the horizon during the summer and continuously below the horizon during the winter. When is the Sunrise at the North Pole?



When is the Sunset at the North Pole?


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