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Website design part 7

In this lesson we will add graphical elements, which we have created in previous lesson.

  Author: Brodjan | Version: Nvu 1.0PR | 24th January 2014 |  

Website design part 6:

Open Nvu application.


Open index.html.


Click in the document.

Press Ctrl + A to select all content.

Press DEL to delete all content.


Click Table.


Click Precisely tab and set Rows: 2, Columns: 1, Width: 100 % of window.

Click Advanced Edit...


Set cellspacing and cellpadding to 0.


Click in the upper left cell.


Click Image.


Click Choose File...


Select logo you have created in this lesson.


Logo is inserted.

Select bottom left cell.

Click Insert above and select Table.


Select Precisely tab.

Now set Rows: 1, Columns: 3, Width: 600 pixels.

Click Advanced Edit... and set cellspacing and cellpadding to 0.

Click OK and OK again.


We have created new table in a table.

Select left cell in a new table.

Right-click and select Table Cell Properties...


Under Content Alignment mark Vertical and set it to Top.


Set Vertical\Top alignment also for middle and right cell. 


Select left cell again.

Click Image and click Choose File...

Now select one of the signs we have created in this lesson.


Before you click OK mark Don't use alternate text.


The image is inserted.

Right-click in a cell where you have inserted the sign and select Table Cell Properties...


Set Width: 60 pixels and click OK.


Select middle cell and set Width: 10 pixels.


Now go to right cell and write any text.

Select all text.


You can reshape the text.


Click File and select Save as.

Name the file and save it in the same folder where you have saved your web page.

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bandsmet, 29th Jul 2023, 3:58 PM
Hi there, web design wizards! I'm in dire need of some guidance. I've been working on a web project, and I want to take the design to the next level. My main challenge is creating an eye-catching layout that engages visitors and ensures a smooth user experience. I'm particularly interested in learning about the latest trends in web design and how I can implement them effectively. If anyone has some pro tips, resources, or even design examples to share, I'd be forever grateful!

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cclaireadrian, 29th Jul 2023, 4:02 PM
Greetings, fellow designer! Enhancing your web design skills is always a worthy pursuit. To create an engaging layout, focus on visual hierarchy and use contrasting colors to draw attention to important elements. Incorporating micro-interactions and animations can also add a touch of interactivity and delight users. Don't forget to optimize your images and consider the impact of loading times on the overall experience. When it comes to inspiration, Dribbble and Behance are great platforms to explore some remarkable design works. Happy designing!

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bandsmet, 29th Jul 2023, 4:03 PM
Thanks a bunch for the advice! I've started implementing some of those design principles, and it's already making a noticeable difference. The use of micro-interactions truly adds that extra flair to the website. Now, I'm curious to delve deeper into the world of pop-ups. I've seen some websites use pop-ups effectively, while others just annoy users. What are the best practices for creating mobile pop-ups that convert? Any specific dos and don'ts that I should keep in mind?

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cclaireadrian, 29th Jul 2023, 4:03 PM
Glad to hear the tips are helping! Mobile pop-ups can indeed be a double-edged sword. To build pop-ups that convert, ensure they are relevant to the user's journey and provide value. Offer something useful, like a discount or valuable content, in exchange for their information. Keep the pop-up design clean and easy to close, and avoid showing them too frequently. If you want to dive deeper into this topic, there's a fantastic blog post on claspo.io that covers mobile pop-up best practices: https://claspo.io/blog/mobile-popup-best.... Happy optimizing!

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Elenasim, 27th Dec 2023, 5:37 PM

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