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How to set automatic redirection in Dreamweaver

In this lesson I will show you how you can use meta tags for redirecting the user to the desired page.

  Author: Cob | Version: CS5 | 21st January 2014 |  

Open Adobe Dreamweaver and create new HTML document.


Click Code to open document in Code view.


Create some space between head tags.


Now enter this code:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=stran">

content=" the number means in how many second redirection will be activated.

URL= to which page you will be redirected


I have changed the content to 5 (I will be redirected in 5 seconds).

I have changed URL to http://www.dreevoo.com (I will be redirected to www.dreevoo.com site)


Enter any text, which will be displayed during redirecting.


Save the document (Ctrl + S).


Press F12 to see your result.


We are done.

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