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What do you know about Iron Curtain?

The Iron Curtain symbolized the ideological conflict and physical boundary dividing Europe into two separate areas during Cold War. Iron Curtain divided countries in the capitalist West and the socialist countries of East.

  Author: Pena | 8th January 2014 |  

The expression "Iron Curtain" was first popularised by who?



Which continent was divided by Iron Curtain?



In which year was Iron Curtain established?



Which country was the leading country on the East side of the Iron Curtain?



What was the Committee for State Security in Soviet Union?



Which country was the leading country on the West side of the Iron Curtain?



What was the most notable border of the Irion Curtain?



In which year was the Berlin Wall built?



What was the best known Berlin Wall croosing point?



In which year was the end of Iron Curtain?


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