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Quick reminders on Android phones

In this lesson I will show you how to use Notable application. With Notable application we can easily and quickly manage reminders.

  Author: bole | Version: | 6th January 2014 |  

Open Play store on your phone, find Notable application and install it to your phone.

You can find description of application at Google Play - Notable.



Set the application to your desktop and run it.


Simple interface shows up, where you can enter your reminder.

You can choose between four different colors to mark the importancy of your reminder.

When you are done click Save button.


In the status bar above you can see that you have an active job.

Swipe your finger downwards to display the status window.


In the list you can see your reminders.

Once you have done the task click Done to remove the reminder from the list.

This is the way how you can really quickly add reminders for the things you want to do.

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