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Coldest place on Earth

Scientists have recorded the new lowest temperatures on Earth since the record from 1983. And let me tell, the numbers are breathtaking low.

  Author: mat | Source: sciencedaily.com | 16th December 2013  

The new record low temperatures were recorded at a remote ice plateau in East Antarctica between 2003 and 2013. The measurements were being taken by the Moderate Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) attached to NASA's Aqua satellite and in the middle of 2013 Southern Hemisphere winter a new satellite launched this year called Landsat 8.

The lowest temperatures were by several degrees colder than the previous record of −89.2 degrees Celsius (−128.6 degrees Fahrenheit) measured on July 21, 1983 at the Vostok Research Station in East Antarctica, and much colder than -75 degrees Celsius (−103 degrees Fahrenheit) reached at the summit of the Greenland Ice. 

The new record for the lowest temperature on Earth is now -94 degrees Celsius (−137 degrees Fahrenheit) measured in a 1,000 km (620 miles) long swath on the highest section of the East Antarctic ice divide. Bellow you can watch the NASA's simulation of the Coldest Place in the World:


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TheDude, 16th Dec 2013, 6:34 AM
-94C?! This is crazy considering what happens to a boiling water at "only" -41C.

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