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Signature in Gmail

You can add a custom signature in your Gmail account, so whenever you write an e-mail it's added automatically.

  Author: mat | Version: | 27th September 2011 |  

In your Gmail account click the Options button and then choose Mail settings.


Scroll down to Signature: and check the option under the No signature option so you activate the signature in your e-mails.


Now enter the data you want it to appear in every e-mail you send.


You can create a link to your website. Just select the web site you entered and click the Link button.

You can also insert a picture if you wish, it's the button next to the link button.


When you're all done, scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes.


From now on, in every e-mail you write, your signature should appear.


If you don't want to use the signature anymore, just go to back to the Mail Settings, check the No signature option and click Save changes.

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