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How to create a link to image in Dreamweaver

In this lesson I will show you how to create a web link on specific part of the picture and how to define a link that opens when a user clicks the hotspot area.

  Author: Brodjan | Version: CS5 | 11th December 2013 |  

Create new HTML page and add a picture.

I have inserted a map of Europe. I will add web links for two different countries.


Select the picture.


Now mark part on the map, where you want to add first link.

Under properties select Polygon Hotspot Tool.


Now select the spot on the map where you want a link.


Under Properties at Link field enter a web page.


Now select another part on the map, where you want to add the other link.


Under Properties at Link field enter a web page.

At Target field enter _blank, which means, that the web page will open in new window.


Save the page (Ctrl + S) and press F12 to see your result.

Click the link you have created.

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