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Homemade pancakes recipe

Very simple and popular dish, especially children find this all time classic mighty tasty. I will show you my of making delicious pancakes.

  Author: Brodjan | 4th December 2013 | Difficulty : 1 / 5 |  
Flour ( 220 g )
Milk ( 3 dl )
Egg ( 1 piece )
Oil ( 1 spoon )
Salt ( 1 pinch )
  Persons : 4 | Preparing: 5 min | Making: 15 min | Cleaning: 5 min

Take a dish and put 220 g of flour in it.


Add 1 egg.


Add 3 dl of milk.


Add 1 spoon of oil.


Add 1 pinch of salt.


Now mix everything together.


Check if the mass is mixed enough. There shouldn't be any clods.


Put one ladle of the mass in the pan and wait uper side to coagulate.


Take spatula and carefully turn the pancake over.


Now bake other side for about a minute.


Repeat the procedure until you use all the mass.

You can stuff pancakes with anything you want (chocolate, jam, lemon, walnuts,...)

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