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How to convert video files for HTML5

If you want to put your video files online using HTML5 then it's recommended to have three different formats for a full browser support. Those formats are mp4, ogv and webm.

  Author: mat | Version: 2.0 | 3rd December 2013 |  

Go to the Easy HTML5 Video website and click the download button.

Also recommended:


Enter your name, your email and click the Download Now button.


If you are using Windows choose the Windows version if you are a Mac user, choose the Mac version.


Wait for the download to finish, open the zip file and run the easyhtml5video-setup.exe file.

Follow the setup instruction they are pretty straight forward, so you shouldn't have any trouble installing the program.

If your do experience difficulties during the installation, drop me a comment bellow and we will help you go through.


Now click the Select new video... and open the video you want to put on a website using HTML5.

All the major video formats like avi, mp4, flv and many more are supported.


Now that your video clip is loaded choose the first three HTML5 options (WebM, MP4, OGG).


I'm going to leave a Original size of my video, but if yours is larger in width and height, and longer duration wise (mine is only 8 seconds) then I would suggest you to downsize it. 

Try and choose the 640x360 option or similar, depending on the aspect ratio of your video.


Disable all other options and click the Start button.


Wait for the conversion to finish ...


... disable the Open web-page after publishing option ...


Choose the location on your computer - the place where you want to save the three HTML5 supported files ...

... and click Publish.


When done, go to the folder you chose and there should be your new three files.

In my case the ones I selected.

Don't mind all the other files if you were only after the video files.

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