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New terrifying dinosaur found in North America

Breaking news! A new species of predatory dinosaur, that probably terrorized the mighty T-Rex has been found in North America.

  Author: KimmyK | Source: news.ncsu.edu | 22nd November 2013  

Dinogeeks - myself included - are going to love this new found. A new species of carnivorous dinosaur, and in fact one of the largest ever, has been discovered in North America. The colossal fellow is is called Siats meekerorum (pronounced see-atch) is believed to be pretty much on top of the food chain about 98 million years ago. 

This magnificent flesh eating machine is named after a cannibalistic man-eating monster from the Ute tribal legend and is a species of carcharodontosaur, which is a group of giant meat eating dinosaurs that are in fact some of the largest predatory dinosaurs that have been discovered.

Siats is the second dinosaur of the species carcharodontosaurs that has ever been found. The first one - Acrocanthosaurus - was discovered 63 years ago in 1950. The found remains belonged to a 30 feet (9 meters) and four tons heavy animal. As paleontologist Lindsay Zanno explains, that tyrannosaurus (T. rex) of its time, wouldn't stand a chance against the Siats, she compered the confrontation to jackals trying to have a got at a lion. But let's hear more about the historic find in the following video.


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