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Old TV set effect

We're going to turn a photo into an old fashion TV picture and add it to an old school TV set.

  Author: mat | Version: | 20th September 2011 |  

Open a picture you want to add onto the TV screen.

Click here to download the picture of Solo and Roxy used in this lesson.


Press Ctrl + Shift + U to turn the picture black & white.


In the menu click Filter, Noise and choose Add Noise.


In the noise settings window set the Amount to aprox. 30%, set the Distribution to Uniform and check the Monochromatic option.

Click OK.


In the menu click Filter, Blur and choose Gaussian Blur.


Set the Radius to 0.2 pixels.


This is how you picture should now look like.

Press Ctrl + A to select your picture and press Ctrl + C to copy it into the clipboard.


Open a picture of an old school TV set.

Click here do download the TV set used in this lesson.


Select the Quick Selection Tool (see picture).


And select the screen on the TV set.

You can also use Magnetic Lasso or any other of selection tools.


In the menu now click Edit, Paste Special and choose Paste Into (Alt + Shift + Ctrl + V for the keyboard shortcut).


Your picture is now on the TV screen.  If it doesn't quite fit, just like in my case don't worry, we'll fix it.


Press Ctrl + T and adjust the  picture size.

If you hold the shift key, while adjusting the size, you wont lose the proportions of the original picture.


Adjust it some more with dragging and dropping it.

Press ENTER when you finish fine tuning.


For even more realistic effect set the the opacity of the picture layer to about 85%.


And you're done! No High Density screens and formats in those days ;)

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