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Better way to work with files in Windows

FreeCommander is an alternative to Windows Explorer. It allows us to work with files much faster and also offers a lot of additional features for more advanced users.

  Author: podtalje | Version: FreeCommander | 10th November 2013 |  

Program FreeCommander can be downloaded from


Click on fc_setup_.zip and save the setup file to your computer.


After download start the setup program and install the program.

During setup you can use the default values.


After the installation the program will be started.

Main interface showing list of files is divided into two panels. This makes it possible to quickly copy or move files between different folders.


I recommend that you learn to work with keyboard shortcuts. That way working in FreeCommander will be much faster.

Most common keyboard shortcuts are the following:

F2 - rename files
F3 - quick preview of file
F4 - edit file

F5 - copy files
F6 - move files
F7 - create new folder
Del - delete files


At the top of the panel there is an option to select different partitions on your hard drive or network.

Keyboard shortcuts for this are ALT+F1 and ALT+F2 for left and right panel.


Program also allows us to quickly set the position in the panel to the file that we want to copy or edit.

It is enough to just type first few letters of the filename.


There is a very powerful search integrated and is also capable of searching inside files.

Keyboard shortcut for this is ALT+F7.


With ALT+F5 you can quickly compress selected files into ZIP file.


Besides what was mentioned above there are also a lot of other features available, like renaming multiple files, synchronization, integrated FTP and a lot more.

As already mentioned the program is very powerful and once you get used to it, you will almost never start Windows Explorer again.

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