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Scientists have discovered a new human body part

This sounds pretty amazing if not impossible, but the scientists revealed they found a new, previously unknown body part in the human knee.

  Author: mat | Source: sciencedaily.com | 6th November 2013  

Would you believe that if someone told you, a new brand new, previously unknown part of human anatomy has been discovered? I myself would have a really hard time comprehending this information and taking it as legitimate.

But two knee surgeons at University Hospitals Leuven in Belgium did indeed found a brand new, until now undiscovered part of a human knee.

Dr Steven Claes and Professor Dr Johan Bellemans, orthopedic surgeons, have been trying to find out the reason, why after a successful ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) some patients knees still gave away during activity - a so called pivot shift. Their research started with an article from 1879 where French surgeon suggested that an additional ligament exist in a human knee.

This assumption turned out to be true, the Belgians doctors are the first to find and identify this mysterious ligament conducting a comprehensive study with the help of macroscopic dissection techniques. The ligament was named Anterolateral Ligament (ALL) and is suppose to exists in 97% of all human knees. Their research shows that pivot shift, when the knee gives away in the patients with torn ACL, is caused by an injury in the ALL ligament.

This remarkable recovery shows, that despite the more and more advanced technology, there still are undiscovered parts hiding in the human body, which I find really remarkable.


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