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How good is your knowledge of Hollywood movies?

Hollywood is a district in Los Angeles, California, famous for its commercial area and entertainment industry, and a name used to represent the motion picture industry of the United States.

  Author: bole | 4th November 2013 |  

Who starred as the villain in the remake of the film 'Cape Fear' in 1991?



Who starred in the film The Man With The Golden Arm?



Who starred as The Sundance Kid in Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid?



Which film release in 1999 has Brad Pitt playing the Grim Reaper?



In which film did Humphrey Bogart play Rick Blane?



Who was the first husband of the film star Elizabeth Taylor?



In Which 1989 film did Sean Connery play Professor Henry Jones?



What was the name of James Bond's older brother?



Who took the title role in the 1994 film The Mask?



Who was the first Batman?


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