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What do you know about the First World War?

First World War, also known as the World War I (WWI), was a global war centered in Europe that drew in all the world's economic great powers of that time.

  Author: podtalje | 17th November 2013 |  

When did the First World Far start and end?



What was one of the main reasons that lead to the WWI?



Countries were were assembled in two opposing alliances. Which one?



Which country delivered an ultimatum to the Kingdom of Serbia that was on of the official reasons to start the war?



What was the total number of military and civilian casualties?



Which of the following countries was not part of the Allies?



Which political aliance won the WWI?



How many main front lines were in the WWI?



Which empire ended with the end of First World War?


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It was characterized by trench warfare, where soldiers on https://rankdlegame.com/ opposing sides dug elaborate networks of trenches for protection.
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kerchiefraid, 26th Jun 2023, 8:39 AM
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