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Check Your Knowledge of Middle Ages

Middle ages is a long historic European period where many interesting things have happened. One of them is black plague and the other is dawn of the renaissance.What else do you know about the era?

  Author: NikMan | 11th November 2013 |  

The Middle Ages began in year 47g AD. Do you know what happened at that time?



Depending on the context, Middle Ages or Medieval period ended when Christopher Columbus reached the Americas. What year was it?



Medieval era lasted almost a millennium and it's divided into three periods. Early, High and the third one is?



Early Middle Ages are also known for movement of people and for the end of an era? Do you know what era I am talking about?



During the High Middle Ages the population of Europe increased greatly as technological and agricultural innovations allowed trade to flourish. Church became more powerful and it have expanded using military. Church agenda was to connect Christian European cities with Jerusalem and Palestina. How do we call this military expansion?



In the Late Middle Ages European people became more and more unsatisfied with the living conditions, which lead to uprisings. What kind of uprisings were starting to take place?



The Middle Ages or 14th century to be more precise, is also the age of the black plague. What percent of the population died of this deadly disease?



Which city did scholars, teachers and monks visit for the intellectual exchange of knowledge?



Some say that Middle Ages ended in the year 1453 when Turks took over an important city and collapsed the Eastern Roman Empire?



As people gain more and more knowledge, blindly following the church fell into decline. The next period in human history is called?


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