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What do you know about Australia?

We have all heard about Australia, kangaroos, koalas and the magnificent landscapes, but there's much more to this vast and still quite unpopulated continent down under.

  Author: NikMan | 2nd November 2013 |  

Let us start with the population. Do you know how many people live in Australia?



Capital of Australia is?



The most populated city in Australia?



What is the official currency of Australia?



Australia is a big country, do you know which place does it occupy comparing to other world's biggest countries?



The first and original inhabitants of Australia are now a minority. How are they called?



In Sydney you can find one of the most beautiful and most celebrated buildings of 20th century. Do you know what building I am talking about?



Australia is a federation of states, West Australia being the largest one. How many states are there all together?



Australia is the flattest continent in the World, non-the-less with 7309 feet (2228 meters), it's the highest mountain in the land. What is it called?



Australia still also a monarchy, who is the reigning queen?


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