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American Civil War

The outcome of the American Civil War is considered to be a cornerstone for the United States as we know it today. Check your knowledge and build up your Dreevoo score.

  Author: NikMan | 22nd October 2013 |  

The American Civil War officially started on April 12. Which year?



The war raged between two parts of the nation...



Official trigger for starting the war was the attack on a fort. Do you know which fort?



22 million people lived in the Northern part, how many people were a part of Southern nations?



How people died in the War Between States which is another name for the Civil War?



What was one of the main reasons for the Civil War?



The famous battle known for the largest number of fallen soldiers (51,000) in the whole Civil War is called?



How many slaves did 8 percent of Americans own in 1860?



Free slaves played a big role in strengthening the Northern army. Do you know how many African-American slaves were in the army?



After the war slavery was abolished, former slaves were granted citizenship. The American Civil War officially ended with South surrendering on April 9. Can you tell the year of this monumental event?


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