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Check Your World Ocean Knowledge

Our beautiful, one and only home called Earth is called the Blue Planet for a reason. Vast oceans make it exceptional when observed from space. Find out how familiar you are with some of the world's oceans facts.

  Author: NikMan | 15th October 2013 |  

How much of the Earth's surface do oceans make?



How many oceans do we know?



With 180 million square km it covers one third of the Earth's surface. What is the ocean called?



All the oceans connected together are called?



It is the smallest and most shallow ocean of them all. How do we call it?



More than 25,000 islands means that there are more islands in this ocean alone than in all other oceans combined. Which ocean is it?



With 6,83 miles (10,99 km) it is the deepest spot located on the planet and it is located in the Pacific Ocean? Can you tell which one is it?



With 30 meters and 160 tons it is the largest known animal ever. Name that giant.



A large percentage of life on Earth is inhabiting ocean. What is the estimated value in percent?



We have explored only a small part of the ocean, in fact we are even more familiar with the planet Mars. Can you tell how much of the ocean has been explored so far?


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