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Homemade roasted chestnuts in a frying pan

You don't need an open fire to roast chestnuts, you can roast them in a comfort of your own home over a kitchen hob and they will end up just as delicious.

  Author: Realife | 24th September 2012 | Difficulty : 1 / 5 |  
Chestnuts ( 1 kg )
  Persons : 4 | Preparing: 15 min | Making: 3 min | Cleaning: 2 min

First put the chestnuts into a bowl of cold water for about half an hour and then wipe them dry with a towel.

Water will soften the shell a bit and the peel will go off much easier when they will be done are ready to be eaten.


Now take a sharp knife and make a long cut in the shell on the round side ...

Be careful and don't cut yourself!


... like this.

You can cut an X in a shell as well instead of only a line, it will make the peeling process even easier.


Cut only as many chestnuts you intend to eat, so the rest will not go bad.


Put the frying pan on a plate with the highest temperature set.

The bottom of the pan should be covered don't put in too many of the chestnuts.


Roast the chestnuts for about 15 to 20 minutes and don't forget to shake them up a bit once in a while.


Put the lid over the frying pan to keep the moisture in.


You should probably notice the chestnuts when they are done and ready.


Put them into a bowl covered in paper towel and have a great time eating your very own homemade roasted chestnuts.

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