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What Do You Know About Google?

Google takes up about 25% of all the Internet traffic in the world and there is a great chance you are using one of its services on a daily basis. Let's see if you are familiar with some of the Google's facts.

  Author: mat | 7th October 2013 |  

Who is not the founder of Google?



Which from the two is the original word Google originates from?



When did Google.com start operating?



Google came up with the algorithm that made search results much more relevant than the search results of the competition. What is the algorithm called?



What was the average number of searches per day in 2012?



How many new things per day, which Google has never seen before do people want to know from the search giant?



Which of the online services is not a part of the Google experience?



One of the services provided by Google is the technology that lets you discover and walk among the streets from all over the world without leaving the comfort of your living room. What is it called?



What is the Google's latest hands-free device, that you can wear like a pair of eyeglasses called?



Google's answer to the Facebook is?


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