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Custom Text Through the Clouds in Photoshop

Wonderful Photoshop tutorial where you will write your custom text on a included cloudy photograph and customize it to look just stunning.

  Author: NikMan | Version: CC | 23rd September 2013 |  

Click here to download cloudy photograph which I have used in this tutorial.

You can open you own photograph but you will have to improvise a little bit.


Select Horizontal Type Tool (T).

Also recommended:


Click on document and write something not too long.

I have used font Impact. We will resize the text in next steps.


Commit any current edits.


Press Ctrl (Command on MacOS) and T together and transform the text like I did.

Confirm transformation with Enter key.


Click above on Layer, Layer Style and select Bevel & Emboss...

Set the same setting like I did.

Don't close the window ...


Click in Gradient Overlay and again set the same settings like I did.

Press OK when finished.


Click on Add layer mask.


Select the Brush Tool (B).


Right click on document and set similar settings like I did.


Press D key and then X key to select the white color.

Layer Mask probably did that but let's be sure.

Now click slowly on the text where clouds are behind it to show them again.

You don't have to be precise, because we will fix the mistakes lately. Mask is the best tool for that. If white color doesn't show up the clouds, then select black one with pressing the X key.


Make some clouds visible again through the whole text layer.


Press X key to change colors.


Set much lower Opacity for that tool.


Now click slowly again to show up text again.

Mask is using the black color to make visible layer behind and the white color is opposite action.


We are finished.

Hope you like it. Post you comments on forum if you want.

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