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Huge Aerocraft Zeppelin to Revolutionize the Aviation

Zeppelins are making a comeback and rightfully so. They are capable to carry vast amounts of cargo, they don't require costly airports and their fuel consumption is only one third of a conventional cargo plane.

  Author: Spaceman | Source: businessinsider.com | 10th September 2013  

Aerocraft Zeppelin is being built in South California and is an outcome of Worldwide Aeros Corp., founded by in United States living Ukrainian, Igor Pasternak. The plan is not only to change the commercial goods shipping industry, but to simplify humanitarian relief and military missions, especially where the infrastructure on ground, doesn't allow landing of large conventional cargo planes.

The Aerocraft plans to operate a charter fleet of the zeppelins and as they say, the first ones could be delivered by mid-2015. The clients will be able to choose between the 66-ton and 250-ton capacity version. The 66-ton Aerocraft will cost the clients $25 million to $30 million per year for the 66-ton airship and closer to $55 million for the 250-ton model.

The Aerocraft cruising speed will be at 115 mph (185 kph), which may sound slow to the average speeds of 567 mph (912 kph) a 747-400 is reaching, but as the company argues, its airship can take cargo directly from its origin to destination, without needing to go through airports, which supposedly makes it even faster than a plane.

The Aerocraft is built to meet the military specifications, meaning the bullets can't pierce its skin, and doesn't collapse if something does make a hole. The 66-ton model can travel 3,567 miles (5740 km) fully loaded on a full tank of diesel, the 250-tone Aerocraft can fly nearly as twice as far - 7,000 miles (11,265 km).


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