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Hosting web pages on Google Drive

Did you know that on Google Drive it is also possible host HTML web pages. Go through this lesson and learn how to do it.

  Author: podtalje | Version: Google Drive | 8th September 2013 |  

First open Google Drive web service which allows you to host you files online on Google servers.

Open https://drive.google.com and log in with you username and password.


Click on Create and select Folder to create a new empty folder.

In this folder we will store files of our web page.


As the name of the folder write web.

Click button Create.


Because we want our web page to be accessible by everyone we must set files to be visible to public.

Right click on the web folder and select Share -> Share.


By default access is limited only to you.

Click button Change.


Select option Public on the web and click button Save.


Go back to the folder view and click on folder web to open it.


We will now upload files of our web page.

Click arrow icon and select Files...


On you hard drive select all the files of your web page.

You can select multiple files by holding down the CTRL key.


Click on button Upload and share to confirm the upload.


You will now be able to see the files you uploaded in the Google Drive.

Click My Drive to return to root folder.


Open Share dialog of the web folder, like in step 2.


Every file and folder has a unique identifier which is composed of numbers and letters.

The value next to id= is the identifier of your folder. The identifier ends with an & character.

In my case the identifier is


When we know the identifier of the folder we can now generate a complete URL of our web page.

URL is composed like this:

In my case the complete URL is:

You can now open the link in your browser or share the link with others.

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