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Scuba divers exploring mysterious river under the sea

Mesmerizing images and video of scuba diver exploring an amazing underwater river-like channel flowing through the cave filled with water.

  Author: TheDude | Source: dailymail.co.uk | 6th August 2013  

Haunting images you are about to witness were taken 90 ft (27 meters) deep in Cenote Angelita (Little Angel) cavern in Mexico. Scuba divers brave enough to dive in these spectacular caves awaits a mind-boggling view which appears to be a mist of river flowing thought the water with trees sticking out of the surface.

But what is this mysterious mist that appears like a river flowing through the water? It is actually a 6 ft (1,8 meters) thick layer of hydrogen sulfide, formed by the mixing of the fresh water at the top of the cave and the salt water in the bottom half.

Be sure to take a 100 ft (30,5 meters) dive along with the Angelita divers by watching the video bellow. It is the closest to the real thing of experiencing the mesmerizing and mysterious underwater river on the coast of Mexico's Yucatan.


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NikMan, 6th Aug 2013, 9:12 AM
Damn, they are crazy. I wouldn't dare to even look at this place
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