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How to make a homemade hamburger without a grill

Let's make a nice, simple and tasty homemade hamburger without the use of a grill, and I'm telling you, it will taste way better than in any of fast-food chains.

  Author: Realife | 2nd November 2012 | Difficulty : 2 / 5 |  
Toast cheese
Toast cheese ( 4 piece )
Sesame bun
Sesame bun ( 2 piece )
Tomato ( 1 piece )
Ketchup ( 20 g )
Mustard ( 20 g )
Oil ( 1 spoon )
Ground meat
Ground meat ( 400 g )
  Persons : 2 | Preparing: 15 min | Making: 6 min | Cleaning: 2 min

Take about 400g of seasoned ground meat.

It can already be seasoned, if this is not the case, just add some basics like salt, pepper, garlic or garlic powder and a bit of minced onions. It can basically be any type of ground meet, be it beef, chicken, turkey you name it.

Take a piece of the ground meat and make a ball out of it.


Now make a burger form.

Use a plate and just press it down with your hands. You can make it pretty flat, for it will shrink in size and become thicker when grilled.


Now take out the sesame buns and cut them in half.

Watch your hands!


Wash a tomato and cut it into thin slices.


... spread the mustard on to the bun-halves.

If you like your buns hot and a bit crispy then you can wait with the spreading and "grill" them in a pan along with the burgers and add everything after.


Add some ketchup as well.


Now take the toast cheese ...

You can use any other cheese as well, just make sure it melts quickly and it's cut in thin slices.


Put the cheese where you put the ketchup and mustard.


Now put the frying pan onto the cooking plate with the temperature set to high and add a spoon of oil.


When the oil heats up (don't over heat it though!) put the meat into the frying pen.


And turn the meat over after a while you can press it down a bit as well so it grills better.

I turned the burgers 2 times around.

At this point, as mentioned in step 9 and you didn't add the mustard and ketchup yet you can also put the buns into the frying pen for a while and let them heat up a bit.


When the meat is done take it out ...


... and put it onto the bun with cheese and other extras.


Don't forget to add the tomato, or/and green salad if that's your thing and cover it wit the other half of the sesame bun.


I'm sure you'll like it and don't be afraid to improvise with extras as well.

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