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Keep your passwords safe

If you use a lot of different usernames and passwords it is difficult to remember all of them. KeePass is an interesting solution where all your passwords are kept in one safe place and protected with one password.

  Author: podtalje | Version: keepass.info | 12th June 2013 |  

To store passwords in one place we will use program KeePass, which can be found on:


Click KeePass 2.22 released, followed by Download Keepass.

Choose version KeePass 1.25 (Installer EXE for Windows)


Setup application will be downloaded to your computer.


Now run the setup application.

For installation you can use the default settings.


After first start of the program click Enable to allow automatic update of the program.


Now we will use a program to store a password.

Click first icon in the top left corner.


You will be asked to define a Master Password.

This is the password that you will need to enter every time you start the program.


On the left side you will now see different categories for storing passwords.


On the rigth side of the window right click on the empty space and select option Add Entry...


Fill out the form about the password you want to store.


To access the passwords stored in your database, right click on one of the password entries and select option Copy Password.

You can now paste the password to the page where a password is required.

Now you have all the passwords stored safely in the Keepass program and to access them you only need to remember one password.

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