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Check your computer history knowledge

A computer is a general purpose device that can be programmed to carry out a finite set of arithmetic or logical operations. Now you can check if you know the history of computers?

  Author: podtalje | 3rd June 2013 |  

The first use of the word computer which referred to a person who carried out calculations, was recorded in?



In 1801 a technology defining woven patterns was introduced. It was an important step in the development of computers, because it can be viewed as a limited form of programmability. Which technology did they use?



A theoretical computing machine which formalized the concept of the algorithm and can calculate anything that is computable, no matter the complexity, was called?



George Stibitz is internationally recognized as a father of the modern digital computer. What kind of circuits for performing arithmetic operations he introduced?



World's first electronic digital computer, albeit not programmable, was called



The first general purpose electronic computer was the ENIAC. It weighed more than?



Computers using vacuum tubes as their electronic elements were in use throughout the 1950s, but by the 1960s they had been largely replaced by which smaller, faster and more reliable technology?



Which invention from the 1970s, also known as microchips, paved the way for computers as we know them today.



Modern computers implement a processing unit, a control unit containing an instruction register and program counter, a memory to store both data and instructions, external mass storage, and input and output mechanisms. This architecture was defined in 1945 and is called



The first single-chip CPU, or a microprocessor, where all of the necessary CPU components were put onto a single microchip, was?


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