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Design your home in 3D

With the help of HomeStyler web application you van visualize your design dreams and create a 3D view of your home.

  Author: podtalje | Version: homestyler.com | 22nd April 2013 |  

Open home page of the HomeStyle web application:

Click Create New Design


First you will see a new window where you can learn more about the application.

Because we will learn about the application in this lesson, you can close the window by clicking x in the top right corner.


To design you home you must first create a new room.

Click Square and drag it to the empty surface on the right.


You have now created your own room.


You can adjust the size of the room by positioning mouse on the edge of the room and move it.

You can can also use function Split to divide the wall into two parts.


Now you can move selected wall and create a room that is suitable for you.


To add elements to your room, click icon with a small house in the top left corner.

You will see a list of main categories where you can find different elements.


I have chosen category Living Room -> Cahirs & Chaises.

You can now drag the chair to your room.


You can also use search to quickly find the desired element.


Now also drag elements from other categories to design a room that you like.


In the menu click option 3D.


You will now see 3D view of your room.

View can be rotated, magnified and of course if you like, you can go back to 2D view and make some adjustments.

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JoanaRodrigez, Friday, 17th May 2024, 8:42 PM
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