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What do you know about the EU?

Unity among the diverse nation can be achieved and the European Union can serve as a great example. Find out if you are familiar with some of the EU facts in this short general knowledge quiz.

  Author: McReady | 2nd April 2013 |  

In 1951 six nations formed an organization that set the foundation for the later developments of European Union. What was that organization called?



How many countries are in the European Union today?



In 1785 Friederich Schiller wrote a poem that Beethoven a few decades later composed it as a part of the Symphony No. 9. As it represents a vision of unity it was decided to make the masterpiece an official anthem of EU. What is it called?



Which country is not a member of the EU?



What do 12 yellow stars in EU flag represent?



What is the official EU currency?



When did Robert Schuman, the French foreign minister propose the European Coal and Steel Community?



The European motto was first adopted in May 2000 as?



How many people live in the EU?



In which city are the European Parliament, Council of the European Union and European Commission?


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JessicaLange, 4th Apr 2013, 11:33 PM
I really didn't know lots of answers in first place. Great surveys you have.
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