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How well do you know Apple?

Apple was until the recent the most valuable company in the world. It's responsible for number of innovations, especially for bringing technology to the masses with its intuitive user experience and great looks.

  Author: Mukarachi | 26th March 2013 |  

Apple was established by Steven Wozniak, Steven Jobs and Ronald Wayne. What year was it?



Ronald Wayne decided to sell his share of the new company a year later. For how much did he sell it?



What was the name of the legendary Apple Macintosh TV commercial that was aired only once in 1984?



In 1985 Steve Jobs left the company he founded after a power struggle with the board of directors. Same year he founded a new company, what was the company called?



Apple put its first handheld on the market in 1993, what was the name of the handheld?



In 1998 apple started to sell the new iMac, what size was its screen?



When was the first iPod revealed with its 5GB music storage?



In 2007 Steve Jobs revealed the iPhone. He also claimed that the iPhone was how many years ahead of the competition?



What is the operating system that is running on iPod, iPad and iPhone called?



Steve Jobs, died in 2011, who is running the Apple inc. since then?


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KidCurious, 28th Mar 2013, 3:35 PM
Awesome quiz! More of the kind!
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Joel_5000, 1st Apr 2013, 1:33 AM
I want to see more trivias on Dreevoo. They are great!
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