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Add a simple text watermark to picture using Gimp

Watermarks are a great way to protect your photographs if you don't want other people misusing them. We will create a simple but effective text and turn into a Gimp brush so you will be able to stamp your work.

  Author: mat | Version: 2.8.0 | 20th March 2013 |  

Open a new image (File, New...).

Set the image Width to 600 and Height to 400.


For the Fill with option choose Transparency.

Click OK.


Choose the Text Tool.


Set a font for your watermark and set the size to about 30 px.


Click your empty document and enter the text you would for your watermark.


Choose the Rotate Tool ...


... and click the text you just entered ...


... and using your mouse rotate the text in similar way as I did.


Click Rotate to confirm.


Now choose the Crop Tool.


Create a cropping selection like mine and press Enter.


Set the text layer opacity to about 55.


Let's now save our watermark as a Gimp brush file.

In the menu click File and then Export.

Now browse to the C:\Users\your_user\.gimp-2.8 folder and click the brushes folder.

your_user is the name of the Windows user you are logged on with.


In the drop down Select File Type menu bellow choose the GIMP brush  file type (.gbr).

.gbr is a so called file extension for Gimp brushes.


Name your new brush watermark and click Export then click Export once again.


Your new watermark in a form of Gimp brush is now done and ready to be tested.

Open a random photo or a photo you want to add your new watermark to.


Click the Refresh button (see picture) to refresh the Gimp brushes and to make your new watermark appear among them.

If you can't see the brushes, click Windows, Dockable Dialogs and choose Brushes.


Your new watermark brush should appear right away. Click to choose it.

If you can't find your brush make sure you saved it in the right folder (see step 13).


Choose the Paintbrush Tool.


Set the size of the watermark you would like on your picture.


Now simply click the picture ...


... and your water mark will appear.

From now on you can use the Watermark brush you created on all of the images you want to protect from being misused.

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