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How good do you know the World War 2 facts?

Some basic questions about World War 2 around the world that you should know if you are little interested in history.

  Author: NikMan | 30th January 2013 |  

When has the World War 2 begun?



Second World War 2 is know as the biggest massacre in human history. How many lives were lost?



The country that suffered most lives, around 21 million, was?



Nazis killed around 12 million people, half of them were?



Which country was not in pact with Nazi Germany?



Nazi Germany officially declared war to one country only. Which country was it?



The biggest navy operation in the history of man, where on the first day only, around 160.000 soldiers die. What was the name of the operation?



In what year has United States of America declared war on Germany?



To prevent such massacres like World War 2, countries around the world have joined in what kind of group?



What was the date, on which Japan has officially surrendered and the World War 2 was finally ended as well?


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