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How to force Google to fetch and index web pages

Sometimes it takes time for Google to crawl and index your website pages but until then they won't appear in the Google search results. But there's a way to speed up the indexing process.

  Author: mat | Version: | 29th January 2013 |  

First thing's first, you need to login to Google Webmaster Tools website.

Click here for the Google Webmaster Tools.

Enter you Google email and password and sign in.


Now enter the website you want to manage in Google Webmaster Tools.

It's the site you want Google to crawl and index "on demand".


Click Add a site button.


Now you need to go through the verification process so Google will know that you really are an owner or a webmaster of the page you are adding.

You can go through the recommended method, but you will probably need the credentials (username, password) of your hosting provider. If you don't have those but you have the ftp credentials for the page or you are the Administrator of the Google Analytics account associated with the website in question, then choose the Alternate methods.

I chose the HTML file upload option.


First I needed to download the HTML verification file then upload it via ftp to the website I'm submitting. Then I clicked the Verify button.


Click Home in the menu and then click your site.


In the Dashboard menu click Health and choose Fetch as Google link.


Here you can see how many Fetches (link submissions) you have left.

You can submit up to 500 urls and 10 urls with all the linked pages per week.

To submit a page to Google index simply enter the url for that page.

Don't enter the whole url, enter only what comes after the website name you added at the beginning of this tutorial.

Click Fetch.


Now click the Submit to index to proceed and finish the index  submitting process.


If you want Google to crawl and index only the url you submitted then leave the option URL selected.

If you want Google to crawl and index the url and all the linked pages then choose URL and all linked pages option.

Click OK.


And you are done. If everything went well, then you should get the Success fetch status.

Now you need to wait for a few hours (it can also take less time) and your url should be stored in Google index and it should start appearing in the Google search results.

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