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Homemade chicken kebab sandwich

There are tens of types of different kebabs. Let's make kebab sandwich hybrid made of chicken fillets and veggies.

  Author: banana | 26th December 2012 | Difficulty : 2 / 5 |  
Chicken fillet
Chicken fillet ( 350 g )
Oil ( 1 spoon )
Poultry seasonings
Poultry seasonings ( 5 pinch )
Yogurt dressing
Yogurt dressing ( 1 dl )
Green salad
Green salad ( 4 piece )
Parsley ( 5 pinch )
Pita bread
Pita bread ( 2 piece )
  Persons : 2 | Preparing: 15 min | Making: 10 min | Cleaning: 4 min

Wash the green salad and tear into smaller pieces.


Fine chop the parsley.


Bring out the chicken breast fillet and start cutting it.

You can get rid of the fat and remaining blood vessels as well if they are bothering you.


Cut the chicken into smaller pieces.


Take the pita bread and cut it into half.

If you don't have the pita bread you can use any kind of bagel instead.


Put the pita bread into a sandwich toaster and let it toast for a bit. Don't burn the bread though.

If you don't have a sandwich toaster you can warm up the bread by putting it into the frying pan along with the chicken pieces in a few moments.


Set the highest possible cooking plate temperature, put on the frying pan and pour a spoon of oil into it.


When the oil heats up, add the chicken breasts pieces.

Put the chicken in the pan before the oil starts smoking. Burnt oil is unhealthy.

Stir the meat and spread it evenly over the pan.


Add a few pinches of salt.


Keep stirring the meat so it will cook evenly on all its sides.

Add the poultry seasoning.

If you don't have the poultry seasoning mix, then add stuff like pepper, dries parsley, dried rosemary, marjoram, sage or even powdered chilly if that's what you like.


Let it cook for a few minutes until the meats gets that lovely golden brown color. Don't forget to stir.

When done put the meat onto a plate and if you don't have the sandwich toaster then this is a good time to put the bread into the frying pan and let it toast a bit on both sides.


Now put the salad into the pita bread like I did ...


... add some of that delicious chicken meat we just made ...

You can also add tomatoes if you like.


And at the end add some yogurt dressing.


Happy eating.

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NikMan, 26th Dec 2012, 8:19 AM
I just ate that yesterday. I will try this recipe really soon at home. It looks really good!
  Click to open user profile  
jj_edwards, 27th Dec 2012, 1:32 AM
I want it!
  Click to open user profile  
starcitizen, 29th Dec 2012, 5:27 AM
Thank you for sharing man. I am great fan of kebabs and chicken. Will try it at home as soon as I will get some time
  Click to open user profile  
Humba, 31st Dec 2012, 9:31 AM
I made it and it was AWESOME!!!!
  Click to open user profile  
larrymartin, 30th Jan 2024, 11:25 AM
Mmm chicken kebab sandwich my favorite. Mixing it with veggies is a genius twist. Definitely adding this to my recipe list.
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